Portion Control Guide

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by portion control when eating out... or maybe you don’t want to weigh/measure your food all the time. Then this post is for you! Not only is this a great portion control guide, but it’s also a great way to structure your meals! Simply adjust the number of portions you need to meet your own personal goals. MEN, doubling these portion suggestions (ex: 2 palms for protein, 2 thumbs for fats, etc) would put you between ~2,300-3000 calories if you were eating 3-4 meals/day.

WOMEN, the portion sizes above would put you between ~1,200-1,500 calories each day if you were eating 3-4 meals/day. That being said, ACTIVE men and women would do best with 6-8 servings of each food group per day (That’s ~1500-2100 calories for women). Need more or less food based upon your muscle mass, goals, activity, etc, adjust up or down based on your needs! *This guide is intended to help you estimate portions, NOT to tell you how many calories/meals you should be eating per day as each person has their own individual caloric needs*

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