Me and My Story


"Your external aesthetics don't always reflect internal health"


I'm an online coach for nutrition and training; specializing in body composition as well as physical strength and performance. I started Joelle Samantha Fitness, Inc. around 2012, after seeing a HUGE need for educated coaches in the industry. My expertise stems from multiple degrees and certifications in health, sports, nutrition, and exercise physiology.


I firmly believe in an all-encompassing approach to ones health; physical, mental, and emotional. If you go to the gym every day but you have terrible self-esteem, are you really "healthy"? If you have a six pack but you binge eat every weekend then over-exercise to punish yourself for it...are you really "healthy"? 

Joelle Samantha Fitness, Inc was created to help educate those on their own health & fitness journey. With technology so readily available at our fingertips, we have access to a TON of information regarding health and fitness. Unfortunately, a google search engine to tell you whether or not the information you're consuming is valid, reliable, or reputable. This is why I got involved in helping others. The misinformation I found on the web caused me to spiral into years of an eating disorder known as orthorexia; an obsession with "clean" eating and over-exercising. Since breaking those extreme habits, I strive to help others along their health and fitness path the way someone helped me years ago.

When you think about all you are striving to achieve, I want you to think about whether or not you're doing what you're doing because you love your body or because you hate it. I used to under-eat and over-exercise because I hated my body. Now I train hard and eat well because I love myself. 

After nearly 8 years of working with clients, I have found one of the many recipes to their success; variety, balance, and moderation.  My goal is to give my clients both the EDUCATION and CONFIDENCE they need to continue their health & fitness journeys on their own once our time working together has ended.

My journey wasn't linear and yours won't be either. From overweight college kid to anorexia, from stage lean to PCOS, thyroid issues, and hormonal imbalance; i've seen it all, i've lived it all, and i've conquered it all. You can do this. You can do hard things.


-Joelle Samantha


See the girl on the left? Sure, she's pretty lean and has abs. But that girl also hated herself, hated her body, hated being touched, and hated eating in social settings. She'd cry if she couldn't eat every 3 hours and wouldn't eat anything that didn't come from her pre-packed tupperware. She feared food. Carbs, fat, sugar, etc. She passed out all the time, her hair was falling out, and she lost her period...But she has abs, so she's healthy right?

How bout the girl on the right? It took a while but she's learned to love herself and respect her body. She's gained muscle, strength, happiness, and love for herself. She eats to fuel her workouts and her body. She doesn't workout as punishment for eating. She loves to train. She eats a variety of foods. She values rest days & recovery. She learned to powerlift, olympic lift, kickbox, bodybuild, and do yoga. She learned how to help others. She learned her own definition of balance & moderation.


She is healthy.

                                  She is happy. 

                                                                    She is me.