Client Testimonials

" I honestly start to tear up as I start writing this. I just completed a 3-month program with Joelle and it was truly life-changing. I initially came to Joelle for a number of reasons; I wanted to lose weight and tone up, but above all else, I needed to learn how to diet and exercise in a healthy, sustainable way. I wanted to improve my relationship with food so I could be a good role model for my young daughter. I definitely lost weight and gained muscle during my 3 months with Joelle, but I consider that my secondary success. The knowledge I gained is invaluable. Joelle completely reshaped my perspective on food and exercise and for that I am eternally grateful.


During the second half of my program I was coping with a high stress life-change. Joelle was quite literally my pillar of strength. I was able to share things with her I didn’t even share with my husband (all in the name of biofeedback, right?!) and she always responded with optimism, support and advice. I hope to work with Joelle again in the future, but until then, I will continue to recommend her to anyone and everyone. "

Sara M.

Washington, USA

"The last three months have been extremely meaningful – helping me grow and mature as a person, an aspiring fitness junkie, and as a new coach. The first time we worked together, my objective was to lose weight. You introduced
me to the gym and how to really look at what I was eating. Not only did I lose weight, but I fell in love
with weightlifting and working out.

The last three months, my objective was to gain weight and muscle. You gave me hella challenging work
out programs (hello Arnold press and pike pushups!) that I really enjoyed and targeted the areas that I
really wanted. You set challenging but attainable macro goals, and provided lots of really wonderful
nutritional info when I struggled to meet my goals (who knew raspberries were such a good source of

But, what meant the most to me the last three months wasn’t the physical or nutritional coaching, it was
having you support me in my hardest moments. When I sent my check-ins late or was frustrated with
myself because I couldn’t stay on my macros, you reminded me it wasn’t the end of the world. When I
was having an extremely tough week, you checked in on me to make sure I was doing ok. When I talked
about my difficulties with motivation and depression, you gave me solid advice for acknowledging and
moving forward. Thank you, Joelle, for providing me with goals, education, and motivation; but most
importantly, allll the support. You have been, and continue to be, one of the most important
cornerstones in my fitness journey."

Loren T.

Virginia, USA

"I cannot believe that we have been doing this for 6 months! I am getting teary writing this, because I am
going to miss our weekly check-ins SO much. You have been more than a coach to me; you have been a
friend / therapist at times (lol) / sounding-board / teacher…so much. You have been such a huge part of
my life for 6 months – probably more than you even realize. People that I am close with, and myself,
refer to you as if you are part of the family, because you are such a presence in my everyday life.
Because of your guidance, there has been such a positive shift in my lifestyle. With your help, I have

improved my relationship with food; enhanced my love for lifting and the gym; fallen in love with the
body that I have; and have become overwhelmed with the understanding that I’m empowered to make
changes to my body composition and my health by how I feed my body and how I move it.

6 months later, I am eating more on a daily basis then I ever was before, and while my journey is
nowhere near done, the proof is in the photos. You have given me so much guidance outside of macros
and workouts – you have helped me to understand the importance of food quality, how hormones
effect literally everything, and most importantly to listen to my body and understand that everyone’s
process is going to be different.

It is so wild because it has only been 6 months, and we have never met in person, but I feel as if I have
known you forever. This has never JUST felt like a business relationship, it has always felt like a
mentorship, and even a friendship. While this is the end of our journey for now, I hope our paths can
cross again and that we can continue this journey at some point. You are an amazing, beautiful person
and I could thank you a million times but it honestly would not be enough."

Megan N.

Virginia, USA

" I can’t actually believe 12 weeks is over! I can vividly remember week one, feeling totally overwhelmed
and having thoughts/feelings that nearly convinced me I would be unable to commit to a lifestyle change
that included macro tracking & entering, meal planning and more conscientiousness. I am so glad I
powered through and fought the voice that told me I couldn’t take this on because I have learned new skills and have a new found sense of control over my health and lifestyle. The positivity and results were a bright spot in an otherwise bleak few months.

After years of trying more restrictive routes (knowing they were not effective nor in line with my personal
values), doing cardio I hated and basic workouts at the gym all while feeling frustrated with the lack of
physical change, I really wanted to try something new and sustainable. I was always enticed by strength
training and weights but felt lost in a weight room. I love the new sense of confidence I feel in the gym
and have grown to love the process of tracking and strength training. I have seen the results in just 3
short months and plan to continue these routines for another 3 to see just where I can get my body to.
While I may tweak things along the way (and predict that without the coaching I may slip up from time

to time) I plan to try and maintain this very lifestyle of flexibility paired with sustainable practices and

I have to thank you for your support, the way you approach the program and your on-going kindness. You
went above and beyond in your weekly check-ins and used language and approaches that as a trainee
and a therapist who has done research in disordered eating, knew to be purposeful. Teaching and
preaching about health, flexibility and positivity as opposed to restriction, supporting me during weeks
that I felt ‘guilty’ by shooting down those cognitions right away, and allowing for slip ups is a really smart
and realistic approach to coaching. You have simultaneously taught me discipline and flexibility and
motivated me to want to do these things for myself, as opposed to the check-in. And while the check-in
sure as shit helped to keep me on the straight and narrow, I learned to love the results and confidence
that came with holding myself accountable! I will surely be following these plans, techniques & routines for the months to come. I have learned transferable skills and will always use my knowledge to cultivate a positive lifestyle for myself! I have shared some of what I have learned with others around me and feel confident that I have received the best, most informed and evidence-based training!"

Rebecca L.

New York, USA

" Hello, my name is Sherry and I just finished the Wedding Shred program by Joelle. From other
programs I have participated in the past, this program has been the most effective. Throughout
the course of this program, I managed to drop 15 pounds, went down 2 sizes, and lost inches in
order to successfully fit in my wedding dress. During this 20 week journey, I was educated
about nutrition and exercise, which opened my eyes to take my physical, as well as my mental,
health seriously. Joelle’s program introduced me to new exercises which challenged me each
week. Although there were some exercises I was not initially familiar with, Joelle is constantly
able to answer my questions and clarify any uncertainties. What I most enjoyed about this
program is how each week challenged me to improve from the week before. When I had the
motivation coming from Joelle, it mentally encouraged and prepared me to face my biggest
opponent: me. Each week, I was held responsible of completing the tasks and when you have
someone like Joelle keeping track of your results, it is nice to hear the critique point blank.
Joelle understands that life happens, some weeks are not going to be perfect, but if you
understand and accept that the goal is progression, then she will all the more keep
encouraging you until you reach that goal. In the beginning of this program, it had always been
my goal to be able to do a complete pull-up without any assistance. Each week, I would inform
Joelle my progress. She would provide exercises each phase that would help me reach this goal.
By the end of the program, I was able to complete 10 pull ups! You may have doubts, but trust
the process & surround yourself with people who support you. I started this journey with my
fiancé and Joelle, and it is because of their love and support that I was able to believe and trust
myself that I can achieve greatness. Although I have completed this program, not only have I
transformed my body, but I have also transformed the way I view nutrition and exercise in
order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I am overjoyed from the results I achieved with Joelle and
I am looking forward to continuing this process even after I marry the love of my life. "

Sherry C.

New York, USA

"I don't want to write this message. Its silly we have never met but yet I feel like we are closer than
some people I have known for years. I will miss talking to you every week, and your positive feedback
that keeps me going. You have been such an amazing coach and I worn you I will most likely still send
you emails just to say hi. Thanks for being you and for never virtually spanking my hands for when I
didn’t follow macros fully and just understanding life happens and we will get back at it. You have
been the best investment for my health. I am now more confident in the skills you have given me to
continue on my fitness journey. You have showed me less is more in the gym, that when life throws
you a curveball that its ok and that you can get back on the right track. Thank you sooooo much for
all that you do and for loving your job so much it shows in how much dedication you put into your
clients. Also please let your parents know a huge thank you to them for having you haha life wouldn’t
be the same without joelle!!!"

Samantha K.


"I am so freaking happy with my results! This is literally the only time I have ever followed through 100% with a program and I finally see the results I have always wanted from my fitness goals. I never liked tracking calories and now I do it out of habit like second nature. I am excited to see where my fitness journey goes now with all of my new knowledge and habits I have formed while working with you. I know feel like I can answer people health and fitness questions with confidence and explain to them why a caloric deficit is what will work no matter what diet plan they follow.This is not goodbye!"

Erica C.

Washington, USA

" These past 12 weeks have been a learning experience for me. I will continue to use what I learned and try to stay on track, even though I don’t have a check in every week! I am way more confident and feel good in my clothing! I look at food now as fuel instead of pleasure. (Even though I still sometimes will fit a donut in my macros! LOL) I do not binge eat on the weekends anymore. I know I can go out and still have a good time and get something I want but not ruin my diet/macros. I just have to plan accordingly. This has really been a life changing experience for me. It is now a routine for me to count macros. It is way easier than when I first started!! I feel way better. Less bloated, not miserably full. I just feel so much better all around!! I am sad that this is my last check in but I am glad I got to share my experiences with the best coach ever! I wouldn’t have wanted it to be with anyone else! Joelle made this process so easy and enjoyable. She is always so positive and gives great feedback! She responded to every check in in a very timely manner. If I did not understand something she was very good at explaining. If you are hesitant just do it! You will not regret it!!"

Libby W

Georgia USA

"Thank you for all the support and motivation throughout this journey! I never thought I would be able to eat so many carbs and not gain an absurd amount of weight! I plan to keep it up until I can come back to you to lean down! I can not wait for that next journey! I’m so happy over the course of this 20 weeks that I have gained peace when it comes to working out. I used to think I couldn’t live unless I worked out 1.5-2 hrs 6 days a week! Not to mention, I don’t stress if I have a glass of wine or a donut lol. I have definitely learned BALANCE through this! Thank you again for ALL that you have done!"

Ashley S.

Florida, USA

" Deciding to work with Joelle was one of the best decisions I have ever made in regards to my health. I contacted Joelle shortly after getting engaged because I knew I needed a little help reaching my wedding dress/day goals. I had worked with other online coaches in the past and never felt like I was a priority. With Joelle things were completely different from the start. She created a workout program that actually fit my needs and I knew that my plan wasn’t some cookie cutter plan she had made for multiple other people. She ALWAYS responded to every single check in email promptly, gave some tough love when needed and kept encouraging me to believe in myself like she did. I was so impressed with how she wanted to know about my life outside of the fitness world too. She immediately followed me on Instagram and I felt like she was right there with me through wedding dress shopping, wedding planning and wedding day. I am so glad I took a chance on working with another online coach despite my previous experiences. I feel like with Joelle I not only got an amazing coach but also a friend too. Best part was I felt so confident and beautiful on my wedding day!! "

Betsy B.

North Carolina, USA

 " I've been following Joelle on instagram for a number of years now and I always loved how down-to-earth and genuine she came across.  When I decided that it was time to buckle down and look into hiring a coach, I knew that I wanted to go with her.  I've been in and out of the gym for over 10 years, I've always eaten "well", but I was never able to get the cut and definition that I really wanted.  When I reached out to her she got back to me within the same day and provided me with a few different program options and really took the time to find out what exactly I was looking for with coaching and with my body.  Once we got the program going, I actually saw change within just one week, I was blown away! Her workouts and eating guidelines were extremely helpful and not difficult to follow, and she was encouraging and there to talk or answer questions throughout the entire process.  I loved working with her so much that I signed up for a second 6-week program! I would recommend Joelle as a coach to anybody, and I hope to work with her again in the future."

Taylor H.

Toronto, Canada

 "Being the stubborn person that I am, I thought I knew everything I needed about working out and eating healthy. After a few months of not seeing the progress I wanted, I finally decided to ask for nutrition coaching. Joelle set up my macros and provided a nutrition guide that included weekly check in’s and changes if needed. This was by far the best decision I have made! She is very knowledgeable and responsive to any, and all questions that I had. Whether it was about nutrition, working out or self tanning lotion! She focuses on a healthy way for you to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Even when I got discouraged because my scale weight stayed the same, she reminded me that the scale doesn’t reflect on my progress, [after 4 weeks] I lost 5 lbs and my body fat percentage dropped by almost 2%, I lost over an inch around my waist and my progress pictures were night and day!! Trust the system and trust your coach! I will 100% be using Joelle Samantha Fitness in the future, my only regret is that I didn’t reach out to her for help sooner.

Kristin H.

Pennsylvania, USA

" When I started Instagram I followed some fitness profiles, (Joelle’s being one of them), and after a few very challenging years and lots of excuses, I decided to make the first step in changing my health and attitude.  I knew the person I wanted to help me get there, was Joelle. Her attitude is everything, she’s supportive, motivating, and just makes you feel good!  During my 6 week program she was there every step of the way when I had questions or modification needs. 


What I loved most about Joelle’s program was the way I started to feel my body change, learning how to fuel my body and feel the energy was so motivating. She tailors everything to your likes and experience and truly makes a program that’s easy to follow and something I looked forward to everyday. 


I plan on continuing the program and continuing to follow Joelle’s journey and I recommend anyone who needs a boost, a lifestyle change, or that little extra push to get going; contact Joelle immediately!  You won’t regret it."

Jenn S.

California, USA

"As of today's weigh in I have lost a total of 33 lbs and down three sizes 😊. However, it's still so premature and I will not allow myself to celebrate just yet as I know I have a long, LONG way to go. This journey was definitely made easier & possible with the guidance, love & support of my amazing family, equally amazing friends on FB and those not on FB and one very special person. Someone for whom I am grateful to have started me on this amazing journey of weight loss, fitness, and overall good health, Joelle. 

When I first started working with Joelle in February I was truly at the point of desperation & fear. My health was shitty and I was pre diabetic. Amongst a lot of other daily aches and pains. Here's the thing and let me set the record straight. I have never EVER, EVER been ashamed of who I was or even ashamed of being overweight and NO ONE should be (as long as you love yourself who gives a shit about what others think). I was plus sized and that word isn't taboo. As I think about it now, I enjoyed it. I was comfortable and still loved me. I knew my size in a store and felt content. Instead what I was ashamed of, was the "unknown." I had never done anything like "this" before and also that it took me so long to get here. Remember this wasn't my first rodeo folks in the journey of weight loss. I've done it all. Just the mere thought of weighing my food , owning a food scale....WHAT! Shit I didn't own a full length mirror or a body scale : )

But now I was 41 years old & in a dangerous place and knew it was time I either put my ass in gear or suffer the consequences. I first approached her like a scared child. With Joelle's warm and caring smile she took me by the hand and walked me into uncharted territory. She taught me about reading labels, portion control and most of all reminded me there is no right or wrong way. It's what's works for you. She guided me on what exercises to do and reassured me I didn't have to be "Jane Fonda" to do them but rather just keep moving. Here I was once again a child at 41, but slowly the training wheels came off and now five months later I haven't stopped moving since then.

I don't know where 42 will take me but I'm sure I'll have fun getting there. Thank you Joelle for changing my life and thank you ALL again for all the amazing support. I am forever grateful.

Elaine D.

New York, USA

Although I stopped following up with my weekly progress I wanted to let you know that I am still closely following your program and am tremendously grateful for where you have gotten me to today. The framework you provided me with gave me structure that I previously lacked and the overall experiences these past 15 weeks have been life changing. I am now routinely up at 4:57 AM (someone told me in order to be a member of the "5AM club" and soak up the best hours of the day you need to be out of bed before 5 and it kind of stuck with me) almost every week day. This time at the gym each morning has now become one of the most enjoyable parts of my daily routine. 


Also, if it wasn't for you I would have never found a place in my heart for a food scale. Your meal plans gave me such a solid framework and I am just now starting to explore how to deviate from the plan while trying to stay within my macros / caloric limits and also have a life. I am a person who thrives with structure and that is exactly what your guidance has given me.


Progress is slow and sometimes unnoteworthy to me which is why I hesitated to reach out to you but I recognize how far I have come with your help and am so determined to put my head down and keep going. WE have lost about 15 jaclyn pounds so far and I so look forward to sending you an update / progress picture in the future because in my head you will always be my coach and the person who got me started.


Thank you a million. Always my source of inspiration."

Jaclyn A.

New Jersey, USA

"I  am no newbie to the gym or tracking my macros.  I enjoy training like a powerlifter and I was looking to lose a couple of pounds.  After following Joelle on social media for at least a year, I decided to reach out to her to ask for help.  She answered me back ASAP and was 100% truthful with me right from the start.  I decided at that moment that I had to sign up with her.  She put in so much effort creating a customized powerlifting program for me and answer all of my questions SUPER fast.  She always knows exactly what to say to you to keep you motivated.  Not only does she know what she’s doing while creating your customized program (I mean she did go to college for this!), she knows how to support you psychologically and emotionally.  Thanks to Joelle, I was able to drop 5 pounds in 6 weeks easily.  I was so happy with her constant communication and words of wisdom, I decided to sign up for an additional 16 weeks of #ShreddingForTheWedding.  Not only is she a great coach, but she became a great friend in the process.”

Dora A.

New York, USA

"I first reached out to Joelle because I was getting married, and knew that if I were going to put myself and my body first, this was the time to do it.  Don’t get me wrong, I was terrified.  It was a big leap to make- being vulnerable enough to tell someone else all of the things I was struggling with.  Thankfully, Joelle was there for me every step of the way.  She listened to all my fears, answered all my questions (even the ones I thought were silly), gave me some tough love when I needed it, and helped build me up when things got hard. 



I am an athlete, so I am familiar with working out.  I also have some food sensitivities, so I had already learned (out of necessity) some things about nutrition.  But, Joelle gave me a much, much, much better understanding of food, how it fuels my body, what my body needs (and when!) for post-workout recovery.  Joelle gave me power over my food choices, and the knowledge and confidence to get to my goals.  She also writes a killer workout ;) 


The absolute best thing about this process was not the weight loss or the progress pictures (yes, those are really cool and helpful to see), but rather that I just. Felt. So. Much. Better.  You never know how much what you put in your body affects your performance, happiness, energy, and health until someone like Joelle shows you how to eat and exercise the right way.  For that, I am so grateful!  Thank you Joelle!!!!"


Illinois, USA

Joelle's personalized touch is one that makes her stand out from other trainers.  Her approach is so motivating with weekly updates to keep you working toward your goals.  Joelle has completely changed my outlook on food and workouts. I no longer worry about eliminating foods or spending hours on the treadmill.  It's truly awesome to have learned to take on a lifestyle where I eat more, lift more, smile more, run less, weigh less and worry less.  Thank you so much Joelle!!!

Erin T.

Ohio, USA

I have forever struggled with my weight and used my babies as an excuse…until I was told your babies are 10 and 12.  Eye opener.  Joelle’s plan was given to me as a gift and although hesitant at first I did realize I needed this to help me not only help myself but to teach my children how to love themselves.  For years they heard me complain about my body and I really never realized how that was affecting them.

Joelle was inspirational in all aspects.  Her positive attitude and motivational words helped me plug thru the 12 week program.  I was able to not only lose weight and drop 2 sizes but I gained self-respect and am still learning how to Love Myself for my curves and my “so called” imperfections.  She has taught me to stop comparing myself to others and to look in the mirror and Love who I see – ME.

I am forever grateful for receiving this gift and for Joelle.  Although I still struggle; I now have the tools to work on myself one day at a time.  And with her social media pages I have 24x7 access to words of encouragement and my fellow Joelle Samantha Fitness colleagues.  

Tracy S.

New York, USA

My fitness journey started many years before I reached out to Joelle. I had successfully lost weight but I was strictly doing cardio at the gym and eating around 800 calories per day. I looked "skinny" like I wanted at the time, but I was miserable. Eating was stressful and going to the gym was a chore. Naturally this lifestyle was not sustainable and I started to binge eat and gain all the weight back. This cycle continued for a couple years. I then got into weight lifting which changed my perspective on fitness. I developed a passion for it, but still was missing the fundamentals on nutrition and how to nourish my body. I was gaining muscle, so I would see the numbers go up on the scale. This lead me to get discouraged, so I would binge eat thinking "what's the use". I was sick of the constant up and down with my nutrition, my weight, and most importantly my mental state. I then reached out to Joelle, which was the best investment in myself I could have ever made. 

Joelle was (and still is) there for me, supporting me in my fitness journey. She walked me through completely changing my relationship with food and my self-image. She constantly encouraged me to keep pushing even when things get frustrating or when I didn't understand why my body was reacting a certain way. She helped me learn that the number on the scale isn't everything and we CAN enjoy the foods we love while still fueling our bodies to be able to do the activities we need and want them to do. In addition to the food side of things, her workouts were great! She introduced me to new style of training that I still incorporate into my workouts, and I was always sore! I would urge anyone struggling with any part of their fitness journey to reach out to Joelle because she knows what she's doing. Not to mention, her positivity is radiating and absolutely contagious. Joelle gave me the tools to take charge of my body and mental well-being in order to maintain and reach goals I set for myself and she completely changed my life.

Jeanie M.

Maryland, USA

Since incorporating Joelle Samantha's meal plan into my daily routine, I've had more energy than ever before! She included some of my favorite foods into my plan which has helped curb any cravings I might have and most importantly, gave me a plan that I look forward to eating everyday. What really sets her plan apart from the rest is her dedication to her clients and their progress. Her upbeat spirit and constant motivation makes me eager to continue working with her for the foreseeable future. 

Tina R.

Florida, USA

It has been my pleasure to work with Joelle as my nutrition coach! Joelle is attentive, prompt, and extremely detail-oriented, asking me clarifying questions as she worked on my meal plan to ensure that she was targeting my needs. Joelle incorporated many of the foods I love into my meal plan (hello, ice cream!) while encouraging me to try new foods. I feel strong, energized, and most importantly, confident that my nutrition is working together with my exercise regimen to meet my fitness goals. 


Although I loved working with Joelle on my nutrition planning, my favorite aspect of working with Joelle is her amazing attitude. As someone who has struggled with body image for many years, I am moved by Joelle’s message of self-love. It has reminded me to examine my relationship with myself, my partner, my friends and family — and it has reminded me that all progress does NOT have to be physical progress. I now move towards all my goals with self-love in mind, and I have grown to be more mindful, grateful and fulfilled on my health and fitness journey. 


Lastly, Joelle is someone who really is “in love” with her career and it shows in the thoughtfulness she puts into her client work. No matter what your personal health and fitness goal is, Joelle has the attitude, knowledge and skill to help you each step of the way! 

Mel B.

New York, USA

"Before coming to Joelle I was both obsessed with and afraid of food at the same time. I was struggling with an eating disorder, and letting my obsession take over my relationships with friends and family. Joelle eased me back into eating slowly. Raising my calories up little by little, so my body and mind had time to adjust to the change. Not only did she guide me every step of the way with my eating and work out routine, she also held my hand as I faced tough mental hurdles. She helped me to discover the love for myself that had been missing for so long. No longer does food control my every thought. How wonderful it is to enjoy a meal with loved ones, cut loose at a party, and spend time with my friends instead of all day at the gym. Joelle is an inspiration and complete joy to work with. I highly recommend her if you are struggling with any kind of disorder, or if you just want to feel like a kick ass strong human. She'll help you get there!"

Rosie F.

New York, USA

"I can not even begin to describe the change that Joelle and her program made for me.  I had tried every yo yo diet and exercise program in the book and was never able to see results.  I normally quit because I either wasn't seeing results or couldn't stand not eating what I wanted so I would end up binging.  It was a vicious cycle. Working with Joelle changed it all. She showed me it was all about fueling my body and not restricting myself to a diet that would always be temporary.  She taught me how to eat for me.  She taught me that carbs and fat are not the enemy and I didn't  have to eat salads or chicken and broccoli everyday to achieve my goals. I did one 6 week program that went so well I ended up purchasing a 12 week program later.  She worked with me during my most challenging times in my personal life and motivated me to stay on track. If you want to make a life change that is possible to maintain this is the way to go.  Joelle is incredibly motivating, positive, and an absolute joy of a person."

Meghan T.

Virgina, USA

I could not have asked for a more beautiful, knowledgeable, motivating, and positively-charged coach.  I worked with Joelle preparing for my wedding and it was especially important to have a coach who understands the need for balance in the many celebrations of life. I was amazed at how much I learned about training in a physically and emotionally sound way and was able to push myself way beyond my own expectations.  Joelle puts 110% into her clients' individualized workouts and nutrition plans which, in return, motivates her clients to put 110% into their effort.  The reward is life-changing.  Joelle is there for you every step on your path of progression - cheering you on.

Joanna H.

Rhode Island, USA

The moment I decided to sign up to work with Joelle happened after I saw a video she posted on YouTube. Aside from her infectious personality, her words reached me in a way that made me feel she knew and understood the struggle we all face at one point or another about our bodies. More than tightening up a bit, I wanted my confidence back and I wanted to stop fearing food. I emailed Joelle about her programs and she responded literally within minutes. I could tell I wasn't just another fitness plan sold, I was a person with questions and concerns. Joelle met all my concerns with helpful education and an understanding of where I was mentally and physically. Through weekly encouragement, goals and pictures, I lost 8 lbs in six weeks and learned how to eat the things I love while learning to love my whole self. Joelle doesn't sell fitness, she educates and inspires happiness, confidence, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Courtney B.

Ohio, USA

"About a year ago I set out to look for a coach who could help me gain weight during my recovery from an eating disorder. I came across Joelle on social media and she used so much of her time and effort into customizing a plan for me that best suited my own personal needs. She is authentic and kind, I strongly recommend her to anyone who's looking to reach their health goals! All of her thoughtfulness and hard work is put towards her clients, and with her plans I was able to recover fully and become healthier and happier than I've ever been!"

Lacey B.

MR, Canada

"I sought out Joelle's help for nutritional coaching. I was coming from a place of thinking I knew what I was doing and never getting the results I wanted. Her guidance was incredible! Before working with her, I was constantly feeling hungry all the time and was at a plateau with my weight and muscle tone. In a short time, she made me realize that the nutritional aspect of eating was key, versus the caloric aspect, and showed me exactly how to accomplish my goals in that way. Through working with Joelle, I felt full and satisfied, and there was no guilt ever! I learned how to be more in tune with my body, and gained a significantly better understanding of fueling my body the way it needed to be fueled. I was looking better, and more importantly, feeling better. Her emails were always uplifting and she was really listening and keying in on what I was having trouble with in her replies. I highly recommend working with her!"

Denise F.

New York, USA

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