Macro Tracking Mistakes

Macro Tracking Mistakes:

• Using a Vague Food Option: Logging things like a “small apple” or a “medium banana” can get you into trouble real quick due to its subjectivity. Chances are, the macros of your generic food item are pretty “off” if you have no idea what the actual weight of the item is.

• Eyeballing/Estimating: Anyone that has just started tracking macros, has learned how disappointing a serving of PB or trail mix is. It is REALLLLLY easy to underestimate the portion size you’re eating compared to what you’re ACTUALLY tracking.

•Using Cups/Spoons Instead of Food Scale: The amount of food you can fit in a measuring cup or measuring spoon varies greatly. Weighing food is simply more accurate than taking a volume measurement.

• Not Logging Until AFTER You've Eaten: I see this ALL the time! A lot of people (especially when new to macros) don’t pre-plan. This tends to leave people in a bit of a bind when they go ahead and eat their meals/snacks and don’t track them until AFTER the fact. Do your best to track/log your meals BEFORE you eat them so you don’t end up going over your macros OR filling up all your fats by 10am and having 87g of protein left with no fats and no carbs.

• Logging Cooked Food as Raw Weight: A lot of people don’t realize theres a difference OR that they’re logging the wrong one. For instance, the nutrition label on the meat you buy is for the RAW meat. Whatever food you log into your tracking app, be sure to log it in the condition you weighed it! If you’re weighing it cooked, find a cooked version in your app. If you’re weighing it raw, go by the nutrition label on the package! Same with veggies, potatoes, pasta, etc. Cooked versions are a different weight than raw versions therefore their nutritional content will change!

• Forgetting To Track Certain Food Items: It’s easy to forget things that you’ve eaten throughout the day if they’re miscellaneous items. The candy bowl you snagged a few Hershey kisses from at work or the dressing you added to your salad but forgot to input. Those calories add up! If you eat it, track it!

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