Alcohol & Macro Tracking

Ever wondered if it’s “allowed” and HOW to make it work?

This is something my online coaching clients ALWAYS ask about so I figured it was time to drop some knowledge on it!

Carbs, fats, proteins... and alcohol? YUPPPP! You heard that right! Alcohol is actually a macro!

BUT since we don’t typically allot ourselves alcohol macros /calories, ya gotta work with what ya got!

Ever wonder why you may see an alcoholic beverage with a label stating 6g of carbs but the calories are 150? That’s because the rest of the calories are from the alcohol itself!

That being said, it IS possible to “fit” a beverage or two into your calories for the day (wouldn’t suggest it more frequently than 1-2x a week). Since those calories will have to come from somewhere, you’ll need to pull them from your carbs, fats, or both! Fats have 9 calories per gram while carbs have 4 calories per gram (like protein). Alcohol falls somewhere in between around 7 calories per gram. Since we don’t have alcohol macros to pull from, you’d have to sacrifice your precious carbs or fats if you wanted the drink(s) to fit your caloric intake.

Personally, I’d rather eat my calories than drink em! But on rare occasions, I do enjoy an adult beverage. So what do I do? Check out your options on the graphic!