Stronger, Better: Gym Bundle


The Stronger, Better Training Guide is a resistance training program based on linear periodization.


Periodization is the process of dividing a training plan into specific time blocks, where each block has a particular goal and proves your body with various stimuli needed for physiological adaptation.


This style of trianing allows you to endure "easier" and "harder" phases of training to better serve your ability to recover and progress. Each phase helps you to develop different physiological abilities related to your health and fitness.


Stronger, Better Includes:

  • 12 weeks of linear periodization programming in 4 week mesocycles
  • Phase I: Hypertrophy Phase
  • Phase II: Metabolic Conditioning Phase
  • Phase III: Neuromuscular Strength Phase
  • A 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day split for EACH phase so you can choose a program that works best for your schedule. 
  • Exercise demos for each exercsie of each phase
  • A training guide to explain the importance of each phase as well as additional training information like;
  • The importance of rest days
  • The science behind muscle sorness, and
  • Relevant workout vocabulary
  • 3 workout plans total (12 weeks of programming for a 3, 4, or 5 day split)


When purchasing Stronger, Better, you must choose between the HOME training bundle or the GYM training bundle.


NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES will be permitted.


  • The gym training bundle is best suited for anywho who has FULL gym access & various means of equipment (barbells, cables, etc)
  • The home gym bundle is best suited for those with minimal equipment (at-home, apartment gym, etc)
  • The home bundle requires some dumbbells and some resistance bands (recommendations for which type of bands will be in the training guide).

Stronger, Better: Gym Bundle

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