Smarter, Better: Nutrition Guide

Smarter, Better is your ultimate guide to all things flexible dieting, macro tracking, basic nutrition, and sports nutrition. This guide is intended to help you navigate macro tracking in order achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. Not to mention, this guide is exactly what I wished for when I first started my health & fitness journey and that's why I made it for YOU!


Smarter, Better (Flexible Nutrition Guide) Includes: 

  • A breakdown of what flexible dieting is
  • Differences among nutrient density & caloric density
  • Macronutrients & micronutrients explained
  • How to calculate macros based on your health & fitness goals
  • How to troubleshoot when your macros aren't working
  • How to track and log your macros
  • Nutrient timing and how to structure your meals
  • Pre & post workout nutrition
  • How to track macros when you're dining out
  • How to track alcohol
  • Proper hydration + electrolytes
  • Sample meal plans
  • And more!


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Smarter, Better: Nutrition Guide

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